Arizona Shade Trees That Don’t Shed
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Arizona Shade Trees That Don’t Shed

The Arizona summers inevitably come with extreme temperatures and sunlight. If you’re looking to add some much-needed shade to your property, opt for one of these trees below. As an added bonus, you will not have to worry about any cleanups as these trees do not shed.


Growing exclusively in the Sonoran Desert, these trees obviously know how to thrive in the extreme Arizona climate. In fact, Ironwoods are some of the oldest trees found in the desert, dating back over 1,200 years. Lavender flowers are produced during the springtime. These trees can grow as tall as 45 feet.

Palo Verde

These trees tend to stand out all across the valley as they keep their green color throughout the year. From the trunk all the way to the branches, every inch of this tree is green colored. These are also some of the most drought-tolerant trees in the desert. Palo Verdes will not require any supplemental water supply to survive and thrive.

Willow Acacia

This is an Australian tree that has recently made a home in the southwest. Growing both fast and narrow, these trees are ideal for smaller residential properties. Willows can grow as large as 30-feet tall, producing beautiful flowers come spring.

Arizona Rosewood

The Arizona Rosewood does not grow too large for residential properties. Small white flowers are produced in the spring by these relatively small trees.

Arizona Cypress

This drought-tolerant cypress tree is native to the southwest, so it is well equipped to survive the extreme summer conditions. The Cypress will not shed a lot, it will provide plenty of shade, and it can be used as a Christmas tree. Direct sunlight for at least 6 hours per day will suit these trees.

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